#CWOF Got Really Cool Stuff! But No One Knows We're Here.

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

PMy Inspiration to Keep Moving Forward & Not Feel So Alone: Tom Bilyeu Impact Theory YouTube Inspiration Series: Jesse Itzler

Open For Business:

Cat Walk Of Fame have really cool, beautiful and affordable jewelry and accessories that's affordable. But the thing is, no one knows we're here. It's like a well kept secret that doesn't create brand awareness. Social media is a "Beast". It takes a lot of time and effort. But when you're the Solo-Fempreneur wearing all of the hats; you don't know what to get to first. I'm doing all of the web design, graphic design, photography, videography, photo and video editing, buying, styling, marketing, traveling to meet new vendors and designers and etc..... You get the picture.

Welcome Cat Walk Of Fame:

Hello I'm Here:

And there's the other elephant in the room. Of the few customer's I have; they don't or won't write customer reviews. #CWOF don't have many customers testimonial's. I do talk to my few customers to get feedback. And it's good to excellent feedback. But when customers don't share that publicly with their online cliques or tribes; it doesn't translate to brand awareness or drive traffic to www.CatWalkOfFame.com/Shop and check out what I have to offer.

Good Enough:

The other thing is, I'm nervous in front of the camera to become my own spokes person or Instagram Influencer. I rely heavily on hiring models. But I find two issues with that. The models that I hire don't actually promote the brand and they aren't always reliable to show up to photoshoots. Thus costing me the precious resources of time and money. I'm one of the few people that actually pays after a photoshoot where others industry folks don't. I know because I've worked for the Music, Media and Fashion Industries. And they take a long time to pay Models and don't put much value in them. Have you heard of the term, "Publish Date?" That's a term used to pay models aka talent 30 to 90 days after the photoshoot and or video shoots. Sometimes, they don't even get paid then. Especially if talent don't have someone rep'ing for them.


There is a lot of loneliness being an entrepreneur. You spend a lot of time alone in isolation while getting things done. There's not too many people in your own tribe that you can talk to or understand your journey or even be an accountability partner. You're always looking for motivation and inspiration to keep moving forward. Self-doubt creeps into your psyche constantly because you're not seeing a ROI in "Real Time" to sustain you financially, mentally, emotionally, physically or spiritually.

Live In Creativity:

This blog sounds a lot like whining and feeling sorry for one's self. Sometimes, you get lost in the noise and forget about the dream. It takes a lot of courage to acknowledge and disciplined consistency to work your dreams. I know that I'm a Creative Spirit with a lot to offer customers and clients. I have to remember to have passion for the process while having the sustainable motivation and being present to enjoy the journey.

As many successful and wise folks who have made the commitment to their dreams and won big have said, "get comfortable with being uncomfortable".

I know I just don't want to leave this earth not knowing what it feels like, look like, sound like smell like, taste like and be like to actually dream the dream and to accomplish it and then help others to do it too!

Call To Action Pitch:

Sometimes insecure peeps don't ask for the Sell upfront. I'm trying to be more confident because I do know I got something special to offer which is cool products, fabulous services and excellent customer service.

So for all of you creative people who like to express their creativity through fashion too, please check out what https://www.catwalkoffame.com/shop has to offer. When buying, I like to look for unique items that you may not see everyday or in mass market retailers.

You can also get Styling and Personal Shopping Services Too! I'm right in the middle of NYC Famed Fashion District as well I go to all of the major Fashion Markets to meet and buy from new Vendors, Artists and Designers. So if you don't see something on Cat Walk Of Fame or the Baddest Bish Ever! websites; reach out to me. I may be able to find that special thing your looking for.

Cat Walk Of Fame (#CWOF) is a "Fashion" jewelry and accessories boutique. We also have a sister website that is "Fine" Jewelry and Luxury Accessories boutique named Baddest Bish Ever! www.BaddestBishEver.com too.

Welcome to Baddest Bish Ever!I

Fly and Fabulous Collabo's & Partnerships:

If you have a unique style with swag; is very fashionable; got a following; love making money, and like having all the latest and flyest new gear; reach out to Cat Walk Of Fame. Let's do something together. Reach Out Here

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